Sabtu, 24 Julai 2010


Who would have thought the innocent looking toilet paper roll could turn into fatal bullets.  But that was what happened when a man was charged with shooting his wife with toilet paper.

A man who is almost 20 years younger than his 55-year old wife shot her with a wad of toilet paper that he stuffed into gun.  He is now facing a felony charge - assault with a deadly weapon.

This is really a 'deadly' lesson to learn: We should never underestimate the full, destructive power of everyday toiletries.

5 ulasan:

BID berkata...

Benar, apa2 pun boleh jadi senjata bila hati sudah marah!

ASAN berkata...

Salam ziarah.
Very true. So everybody has to be more cautious!

Sanna berkata...

Salam Siti.
Bila hati marah, apa2 pun boleh jadi senjata yang boleh membawa kecederaan dan maut.

DDrfauziah berkata...

Hmmm, pretty alarming!

DDrfauziah berkata...

Jengah jer ler. :)